1 Rupee Note : Happy 100th Birthday !

Today is a point of interest day in the historical backdrop of the saving money framework as the famous one-rupee note finishes 100 years. Over the most recent 100 years, the Rs 1 note has gone through an eminent verifiable trip. The first rupee note was presented on November 30, 1917. It was imprinted in England and delineated a silver coin picture of King George V on the left corner. The historical backdrop of Rs 1 note can be followed in the World War I where the powerlessness to mint coins constrained the then provincial experts to move to printing Re 1 notes in 1917.

The first rupee note was presented on November 30, 1917

There have been 125 distinctive One Rupee notes since 1917 to 2017

Reports express that since 1917 to 2017, there has been 125 diverse One Rupee takes note of that have been issued for dissemination with various serial numbers and marks. According to RBI points of interest, the issuance of Rs 1 note was ended first in 1926 on “money saving advantage contemplations” yet it got reintroduced in 1940, just to be ceased in 1994 once more. It at that point got back again in 2015.

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