117 Year old building collapsed in Mumbai


A 117-year-old, five storeys building in Bhendi Bazaar area of Mumbai collapsed in the morning after two days heavy rainfall in the state. NDRF is still searching for possible that might be stuck under the debris, 16 have already been declared dead, 35 are injured and 28 people were found in serious condition and are rushed to the hospital along with the others. The building was categorised as unsafe few years back along with other 791 buildings and was supposed to be redeveloped by a housing trust. The families were asked to move away in 2011 but only 7 families did that.

The police are yet to find the reason behind the collapse and State Minister Subhash Desai said that a proper inquiry will be done into the matter. The other residents of the area said that they heard a massive bang in the morning and due to the smoke from the debris they were unable to see anything and it was only once the dust has settled that they realized the collapsing of a building.

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