A 94 Year Old Is Earning A Salary Of 21 Crores In India,

Shailesh Chaudhary —
Hello friends, we have often seen a elderly person’s photo on the pack of spices. Yes, his name is Dharmapal Gulati and he are about 94 years old. Let me tell you that his company i.e., the MDH spices, has reached an estimated turnover of 924 crores, with an increase of about 15 percent. Along with that, Dharmapal Gulati is also the person receiving highest salary in the FMCG sector.
Dharmapalji’s total salary is Rs 21 crore, out of which about 90 percent of the share goes to 20 schools and other charity trusts. Chunni Lal, father of Dharmpal Ji’s, had started a small shop in Pakistan in 1919.
Dharmapal Gulati had come to Delhi’s Karol Bagh during the partition, during which he had received 1500 rupees from his father, and by spending 650 rupees out of these money, Dharmapalji had purchased a horse cart and with some money, he bought masala grinding shop.
After this, Dharmapal ji opened another shop in Chandni Chowk in 1953 and in 1959 Dharmapal Gulati purchased a plot in Kirti Nagar of Delhi and established his company. Now MDH have offices in large countries like Dubai and London, and besides this the company also exports to more than 100 countries today.

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