The better one: Nokia 2

Sahil chaudhary
After some hours, the cheapest Nokia Android smartphone is almost coming to us. Nokia Smartphone maker HMD Global is ready to launch a new smartphone in India on October 31, and many rumors claim that this phone can be Nokia 2.

HMD Global has worked to bring Nokia back in the smartphone game and has launched four smartphones in India, which are Nokia 3, Nokia 5, Nokia 6 and powerful flagship Nokia 8. Nokia 2 is expected to work as an entry level step in the company’s android smartphone series slot below Nokia 3 and Nokia’s new Android World.


The price of this Nokia 2 is expected or expected to be around 99$, which can be around 6,500 in India. We expect Indian prices to be lower as HMD Global does not have much value in its products in India compared to the rest of the world. Nokia 8 is the main example. If the price of Nokia 2 is rupees 6500, then the smartphone will leave behind the other company in the market. Very soon the smartphone will be available in the market and the price will be cheaper.

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