The Bira 91 achieves a great success with its range of crafted beers in India

  • Author – Pooja Yadav

The founder of Bira 91’s Ankur Jain returned to India in 2007 after running a healthcare startup in New York. He initially started importing a few beers to get a to hold in the sector, having had no prior experience in the liquor business.

By 2014, Jain said he realized it was a time for to introduce a brand that resonated with the young urban population of India with key focus areas being tasted, flavor and quality.

Bira 91 was introduced in February 2015 and become an instant hit among the urban crowd with sales surging 150,000 in 2015 and 70,000 cases in 2016. Beer is expensive as according to alcohol drinks.Bira was made available for Rs 90 for 330 ml bottle.

The taste of Bira is sweeter and citrusy. It was different from normal beer. It was made available in two different flavors Bira White Ale and Bira Blonde.The Bira White Ale is a variant of wheat beer, with mild bitterness and a soft finish. The Bira Blonde Lager, on the other hand, is a more conventional type of beer. It is found to be extra malty with a delicate aroma and little bitterness.
For now, even as Bira 91 transitions itself from being brewed in Belgium to being brewed in India, which comes with its own risks, Jain is chasing two goals; he wants Bira 91 to emerge as a leading brand in the premium beer category in India and an established Indian consumer beer brand with a global footprint, all by 2020.

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