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The California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection has announced that the death toll has reached 40 from the week-long wildfire.
A Spokesman for the Forest and Fire Department reported that after six days of hard work, firefighters continue to fight the fire which initially destroyed more than 88,000 hectares and demolished thousands of buildings across the state.
The area most severely affected by the blaze is Sonoma County, which is well-known for its wine production. Twenty – Two people have died there and a large number of vineyards, wineries as well as luxury hotels were devastated by the fire. In Mendocino County, eight people have lost their lives and another six died in Napa County. The remaining four in Yuba.
As per the latest death toll, it has been the deadliest wildfire reported in California since 1993. The region witness dry climate as well the presence of strong winds popularly known as “Devil Winds” make California more risk prone to high fire.

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