Closing Ceremony: Bye-Bye Gold Coast CWG, now in Birmingham, four years later

India has won 26 gold medals, 20 silver medals and 20 bronze medals including 66 medals in these games. India fiercely played in sports like wrestling, boxing, shooting, and weightlifting, while in table tennis and badminton, India’s dominance was noticed.

The Commonwealth Games 2018 ended today with a grand finale. Australia’s Gold Coast City successfully organized it and the host country’s athletes also illuminated the country by keeping their country at the top of the points table. At the same time, the Gold Coast handed over the flag of the Commonwealth Games Federation to Birmingham’s representatives, in a traditional style, by saying goodbye to the Commonwealth Games 2018. The city of England, Birmingham will host these games in 2022 after four years.

The athletes present in all countries participated in the parade together at this glorious concert celebration held at the Corona Stadium in Queensland. There is no separate parade of countries in the closing ceremony. In this closing ceremony, India’s flag bearer, MC Marry Com, who holds the gold medal here, became the only Indian woman to do so.

PM Modi congratulated those who won the medal after tweeting one after the Twitter handle from the PMO. PM Modi greeted the players who won medals in table tennis, badminton, boxing, squash, etc. This is the third most successful show in India’s Commonwealth Games in terms of total medals. India had the most successful performance in Commonwealth Games in 2010. In this, India won a total of 101 gold medals with 38 gold medals. At the same time, India had won a total of 69 medals, including 30 gold medals in the Games held in Manchester in 2002.

India’s best performance in Commonwealth Games history was in the Delhi Games of 2010, where India made 101 medals in its name.

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