Come and Sail Away with Me…@Dreams

Akash Bhattacharya

To taste the elixir of success, one has to have a different journey. A journey to take things forward. To achieve special dreams, you have to do something special. Believe in the beauty of your dreams, and preserve them because they are yours. They may seem stupid today but tomorrow it’s will add wings to the fire within. People may laugh at you, but you must have faith in yourself. Your faith in dreams is your biggest asset and someday you’ll definitely get the returns. Your every single breath must remind you of your dreams. Imagine how you will feel at the fulfillment of your dreams, how would it be…is it worth putting efforts?? Just be with this feeling till you achieve your dream.
The dream can be as small as getting a job to as big as conquering the impossible highest mountain. The thing that matters is to make that dream your life. Make your life a series of dreams and make all your dreams live!
After deciding the dream, you need to choose the path. The path, you are going to travel to reach your destiny and once you start, you will see the things are changing for you. You just need to put your efforts wholeheartedly. The moment you start for your dreams; you will automatically start finding ways. You may fail but the failure should never stop you. It’s just another stepping stone. Never ever afraid of failures, face them and learn them and move on! There is no substitute for hard work…you have to put your soul into your efforts. Keep learning, keep moving and keep doing the hard work. Remember hard work always pays. Remember, when it seems that the dream cannot be achieved, don’t adjust it rather change the action steps…
With a heart and soul filled with the determination to achieve the dream, next most important things are: enthusiasm and passion. You must keep your enthusiasm alive during the journey. Enthusiasm is the fuel for your dream, more the enthusiasm, more will be the efforts, and more will be the learning with better results. You need to enjoy every single bit of your journey. This proper blend of dreams, hard work, learning, enthusiasm, passion, and hope will definitely lead you to your dreams. Never ever compromise on your dreams!
So just follow your heart and dreams. Dream beyond imagination and work hard to make them true!
All the best living!

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