Congress President Is Fixed For Rahul Gandhi Accuses Poonawalla

Congress party pioneer Shehzad Poonawalla on Wednesday addressed Congress VP Rahul Gandhi’s normal height as Congress president asserting that the Presidential surveys for the gathering president are fixed to support tradition. Scrutinizing the procedure of hierarchical races in the Congress party, Poonawalla asserted that the rises in the terrific old gathering have experienced “choices not races”.

“Bringing an issue no one up in my gathering – the Congress will have guts to raise my inner voice won’t enable me to remain calm any longer on Dynasty/sychophancy,” he posted on Twitter before showing up in a News TV appear.

“Which state leader of Congress party was chosen? Was VP of the Congress party chosen in 2013? Was Rahul Gandhi chose as general secretary in 2007?” asked Shehzad Poonawalla, including, “Let Congress turn out and say that all agents who will vote in favour of Rahul Gandhi in the decision have been chosen.” He likewise tested Rahul Gandhi to permit his administration to be tried through a race.

Poonawalla told the Indian Express that he might want to challenge the Congress Presidential surveys against the Congress VP however “there is no reason for some individual challenging against Rahul Gandhi in a fixed decision.” He included: “The gathering ought to declare that the presidential surveys are open for dynasts and that they don’t enable anyone to take posts. At that point, it is reasonable and being straightforward.”

He asserted that he can’t challenge the gathering presidential races as the PCC delegates, who shape the constituent school, are handpicked by state Congress presidents, named by Rahul Gandhi’s mom Sonia Gandhi. He likewise requested that Rahul Gandhi leave as Congress VP and challenge the race.

Citing a Congress representative who had before said that a Gandhi would be leader of the gathering for the following 50 years, Poonawalla inquired as to whether the Presidential post straightforwardly or by implication held for Gandhis? “Regardless of whether one was to challenge against you, it would be what might as well be called competing for a vote from a mother who is picking between her own less skilled child and the more gifted, pariah,” he said.

Then, Shehzad Poonawalla’s sibling Tehseen Poonawalla responded to his sibling’s cases saying that he is shocked by what he is doing when the Congress party is winning the Gujarat Assembly Elections 2017. “I formally surrender all association with him politically. The Congress needs @OfficeOfRG to be the president,” he additionally included.

Requesting that the gathering pioneers challenge in the Congress Presidential surveys, Tehsin stated, “Anybody in the @INCIndia can challenge against @OfficeOfRG. In the event that @Shehzad_Ind needs he should challenge ..This is essentially inadmissible to Mona n me. To state I am harmed today is putting it mildly.”

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