Contract for 200 Kamov 226-T choppers to be signed in early 2018


Hemant gaur

The CEO of Russian Helicopters today said that India-Russia JV contract for production of 200 Kamov 226-T helicopters for the Indian armed forces is expected to be signed in early 2018.


“Yes I had mentioned in interviews earlier that we expect the contract to be signed by early 2018. As we had waited for all the necessary work that would be needed for the contract,” said by Andrey Boginisky in a press briefing.


He also said, “We had a dialogue with the Indian Defence Minister on the requirements and characteristics for helicopters that are designed to be supplied. In my opinion we’re in the final stage of approving these parameters and I only hope and expect this agreement would be sealed by the Q1 of 2018 because we understand it is unrealistic for it to be signed this year.”


He also added, “In this project, helicopters as it will be supplied to meet the requirements of the Ministry of Defence (MoD).
When asked whether Kamov 226-T will either be exported to other countries or not he said, “We don’t exclude this possibility”.

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