DMK has demanded to include SC / ST act in the ninth list of constitution

DMK demanded to bring this law under the ninth list of the constitution, which cannot be judicially reviewed by the Supreme Court’s recent order on SC / ST Act.
A few days after commenting on similar proposals from Union Minister Ram Vilas Paswan, DMK’s acting president MK Stalin said that the Supreme Court has “rampaged” the law and there has been anger in the oppressed people.
The law contained in the ninth list of the Constitution cannot be challenged in court, although the Supreme Court had said years ago that the judicial review was the basic specificity of the Constitution.
The apex court said that the laws under the ninth list can be investigated if they violate the fundamental rights or the basic structure of the Constitution.
Addressing the opposition’s demand for a change in the order of the Supreme Court here, Stalin said, “The Center should file a reconsideration petition against weakening the SC / ST Act or the law should be included in the ninth list of the Constitution. And should create a good atmosphere. ‘
He also warned that if the Center does not do this then the agitation will continue. The Supreme Court had weakened the stringent provisions of the ST / ST Act in its order on March 20, which is in relation to immediate arrest.
The Center has filed a reconsideration petition against the order, while the issue was about two April violence.

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