Atul Mishra

The only reason for sorrow and grief is expectation! We expect a lot, we expect that may our Parents live with us forever, that my lover is loyal to me but in the end things get different. This difference causes Sadness!

We live in a Universe where the stars we see are dead by now, the Sunlight is stale and the moon is coward enough to produce its own light, people here are just actors with different self-written scripts on which they perform according to the actor in front of them.

If she is beautiful enough you’ll see how her hair reminds him of a flowing river of Chocolate, how her smile is a perfect curve that even Euclid burnt his theories
but if she is ugly he will pull out the greatest act of sympathizing with a well crafted line like “Everyone is beautiful”.

In a world full of hypocrites and actors we try to find someone true. That’s funny!
The point here is how to counter grief and sorrow because someone is going to hurt you eventually. The only remedy is to expect less and work more. How? Sometimes people spend their whole life in false expectations, all we need is to move on and keep digging. If you want diamond you have to dig it deeper…it is not going to come to you! Never chase love, affection, or attention. If it isn’t given freely by another person, it isn’t worth having. Just Try It. Dig Deeper.

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