Fixation of fuel prices, worries the dealers and boosts the consumers

Author:- Vidhya Anbu Durai.
The prices of petrol and diesel have set a dramatic fall down the hill over the week.  The price of petrol have become 3 rupees less and similarly diesel price has become 2 rupees lesser.  This descending down of prices will definitely be a great joy for all the consumer may it be in any product.  But they are very clear that this is will not be a standardised state for them as they know that the prices may touch its peak at any time.  Due to this many in the State are complaining about the cumulative loses they are facing.  Tamil Nadu Petroleum Dealers Association president K.P. Murali said when changes were made once in a 15 days dealers were able to keep inventory losses at a minimum.


When the announcement was made, nobody knew of the repercussions at that time.  Trials were conducted in a few cities and that too it is quite clear that it was taking without the consultation of the dealers.  Dealers, especially those who do low volume sale said if this condition prevails for a month, they would be forced to shut their shops.  The margin for petrol for a litre for a dealer was rupees 2.50 and for diesel is 1.60 with which they had to meet all expenses including salaries, electricity bills. Repairs and maintenance and taxes.  “We have been demanding a bike in margins but no one is responding to us”, says a dealer.  If this continues, they would have to borrow heavily.  

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