Aniket Bhagwat Jadhav —

FIFA president Gianni Infantino Exclaimed that India has arrived at the world football,l, The claim of India being a sleeping giant was also blurred out as the nation was framed as Passionate Giant , The deep mark left on the world football during the hosting off U-17 World cup is expected to be carried further .

The Successful performance in organizing and the audience backing up with astonishing attendance does help the cause as the AIFF looks forward to build on the success of the cup and BID for the U-20 World cup . And also to attract more youth viewers to the sport and stadium , India has also confirmed their desire to bid for the Club World Cup 2019 , 2020 And 2021. Which could see world best rub shoulders with each other in Indian stadiums in front of the home crowd .

The thought of it is already buzzing as the people cannot contain the possibility of the Pogba’s ,theDybala’s or the hot favorites Ronaldo and Messi Competing in their city for a trophy

Further in this meeting key decision of :-

1) Expanding football beyond Europe and Latin-America in which Asia has a big scope

2) FIFA foundation for the devlopment of football , in which India will obviously be a major Beneficiary

3) Blueprinting the possibility of world woman’s league

4) Demographic football footprint for the equal sharing of revenue model and position in world football

5) Changing format of the minor age FIFA tournament from 2020

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