Foreign Degrees Preffered Over The Indian Degree : Survey

Poonam Harsinghani

NEW DELHI: A recent study reveals that students possessing foreign degrees hold a greater chance of grabbing a job than as compared to the once having Indian degrees. A survey based on career and college counselling has revealed this trend.

Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI) was also involved in conducting the survey. The reports were out on Wednesday and were presented in the International Carrer $ Counselling Conference held in Delhi.According to this study, 56% of universities strongly believe that high plays an important role in the student’s admission to the university.

Almost 98% of the universities hold the idea that more and more information at school level will ultimately lead the student to a better university/school. Most of the students end up opting for traditional subjects and as a result, they remain aloof of the foreign trend.

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