To, The Girl I Love The Most

Atul Mishra –
Today when I was departing from my house she never made a proper eye contact. Not because she hates me but because she doesn’t wanna see the same feeling of pain in my eyes because that contact will make her weaker. I know that because She is my Mother! Leaving her today wasn’t a big deal, just 3 days and I’ll be back again but at the time of my train got closer I felt pain, I couldn’t show her my tears, I felt the same pain we feel while ripping off a bandage, she was the bandage and I was a body full of lies, dreams and regret, as the bandage got away from the body, hair by hair, the pain grew bitter, leaving a wound open.
I have never been the son you wanted, I bunked every class you paid for, I was too demanding and took you people for granted but today things are different, today I am doing what I am good at. Today I am not a Dog chasing cars. Today I am chasing a dream. See you soon. I am keeping this note as a reminder that how it feels when you are not with me and Maa I am your son. I’ve always been your son.

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