Humanity Mourns. . .

Tarun Rajput


How the atmosphere of a house changes when a newly married bride sets her first foot in? A wave of joy rises over the faces of every member of the family. Every corner of the house is filled with enthusiasm that ought to last for almost a week only. In the meantime, every member is in the pool of predictions, assessments and wishes. The journey of her new life begins when her parents last saw of her during the farewell ceremony of her marriage. Her eyes went dry with no more drops of water left in them. Her painful cry realised everyone that she was not willing to harvest the ripe relations with her family to enter into a new Alliance, but how the traditions and culture be overlooked. Eventually, her parents were left with a mere decision to push her away from themselves.

The first week of her marriage had meant a lot to her as she has now been quite familiar with the atmosphere of the house, her perceptions about every family members were no more in dark. She assumed that she was not going to be viewed with the perspective of what she ever desired. Her journey of immense pain distorted dreams was to commence.

The first 4 years had rendered a lot to her. Few fortunate events had grown her potential to confront the most undesirable moments she had come across so she was blessed with the son in this span who was about 3 years old and perhaps she could only wish her child who would never betray her blood relations unless every family member had realised every opportunity to take away her smile.

Even they have declared her a subject of inconvenience who was responsible for propagating the negative atmosphere in the house. Every undesirable event was deliberately associated with her. she was made responsible for everything that went wrong in the house. she was unwilling nodded to work most of the time. The situation became more adverse when she was denied to take food at morning every day.

The laws and groom had reached to every extent to play the most tortuous game with her where she was the only player. She had gone through all these for next 5 years. She kept losing in herself in search of pleasure and joy of being human. A girl who had reaped fruits of joy, happiness and sweet relations could survive such an unfortunate. she decided to take off for an endless journey with her son. The next day she was found hanged with her son who went disappeared. She is not the only girl who is confined to such a menace rather many girls in our society has the same story. From its very beginning, our society is surrounded with such mal-practices that have posted the grave threat to girl’s viability.

Our culture and tradition developed over centuries are certainly escorting these threats and providing a force to sustain longer. It may be a statement that could provoke someone but how would you respond to such theories that we belong to the society where Widows were forced to set afire with their deceased husband, where the girls were kept deprived of education, where the girls are not asked of their consent in marriage affairs, and these practices were legal through their cultural and traditional justifications.


These issues invalidate us on any platform where we could search for any comparison with other developed countries. when the world is striving to establish colonies on Moon. we’re still struggling with these issues which are preventing our society to grow further. These struggles reflect our immature, unphilosophical and unscientific thoughts that we have anyhow managed to sustain them from generation to generation. It seems an absurd logic that our political leader emphasis the digitalisation of the economy which is more equivalent making a pig to learn the lesson on sanitation. Prosperity would keep itself away from us unless we do not digitalise our thoughts









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