Indian China standoff over Bhutan clash.

Author:- Sukhnandan Malhotra.

The face-off between the Indian army and the People’s Liberation of China in India’s north eastern state of Sikkim has advanced as both sides employed around 3000 soldiers on their respective sides.

This happens to be the largest oops employment in the region in history so far.

A source from a news agency asserted that both the sides have multiple confrontations at the tri-junction over the years but the latest face-off was clearly the most serious.

“Both sides are not willing to Budge from the positions. Flag meetings and other talks between the Rivals commanders have not worked till now,” a source from the news agency quoted.

Indian Army chief general Bipin Rawat visited the headquarters of the 17 mountain division in Gangtok and 27 division in Kalimpong to comprehend the current situation.

In the meantime, China thinks that Indian Army should learn from “historical lessons” referring to 1962 war.

“We hope the particular person in Indian Army could learn from the history lessons and stop clamoring for war,” PLA spokesman Col Wu Qian said.

The face off have sparked off ever since the road construction on the borders of 269 square kilometre plateau in Bhutan which is claimed by China started.

“Even though India has long had a present along the Bhutan China border it has never acted in defence of its ally’s interests. The Chinese are very upset by the Indian assertion and are seeking to push back against what the see as a line having been crossed,” a senior India official said.

China claims construction of the border Road as the “legitimate” maintaining that it was being built on Chinese territory that does not belong to India or Bhutan and no other country had the right to interfere.

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