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As an outcome of internal power struggles at the Indian Olympic Association (IOA) intensified with the General Secretary Rajiv Mehta, calling for an emergency meeting on November 7 of its Executive Council as demanded by 19 of its members.

These 19 members had demanded for changing the Venue for the Executive Council Meeting which was earlier to be held on November 9 in Chennai as well as of Annual General Body Meeting which was scheduled for December 14 in Chennai to New Delhi.

Mehta said “I am in receipt of the written communications from 19 office bearers and members of the Executive Council of the IOA vide which they have requested for shifting of the venue of both the meetings (Executive Council meeting on 9.11.2017 and Annual General Meeting on 14.12.2017).” This is a part of notice issued by the President, Indian Olympic Association from Chennai to Delhi. He further added that “They have desired that the venue of the meeting at Chennai is not convenient for holding these meetings on account of various reasons.”

In addition to this, they also decided to add some items in the agenda of the Executive Council Meeting, to be held on November 7 in New Delhi.

These items shall include confirmation of list of members of IOA, nomination of the members of the Election Commission as per the constitution for the Election Process and discussion on expulsion of IOA President under the provisions of the constitutions moved by Hockey India.


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