Komal Motwani

ISRO’s attempt to launch India’s eighth navigation satellite IRNSS-1H failed today. The satellite was launched today at 7 p.m. from Sriharikota. The satellite was to replace one of NAC’s seven satellites that are malfunctioning.

The satellite, weighing around 1425kg was carried by the Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV-C 39) rocket. The new satellite was built by a consortium led by Alpha Design Technologies, a defence equipment supplier from Bengaluru, over eight months. It has been India’s first ever private sector project in this field. A team of 70 scientists from space research organization ISRO had supervised the entire process.

Since heat shield did not open on PSLV-C39, satellite got trapped, thus making the launch unsuccessful. The launch vehicle carrying satellite IRNSS-1H blasted off from the second launch pad at Sriharikota on Andhra Pradesh at 7 P.M. as scheduled.

For about 20 minutes the flight was performing normally, but when it had to perform the task of heat shield separation the launch turned to be unsuccessful.

ISRO Chairman A.S. Kiran Kumar said that the heat shield did not separate. “The satellite is inside the heat shield and we have to go through a detailed analysis to see what has happened. Apart from the heat shield separation, all the rest of the activities were performed smoothly, but in terms of the mission, it is unsuccessful because we are not in a position to put it to the actual orbit.”

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