Karnataka is the leading state of technology and health status

  • Author – Pooja Yadav

Karnataka is one of the leading state of India whose economic growth is high and with the expected GSDP (growth state domestic products) growth of 8.2% in the fiscal year 2010-2011.

Agriculture is the main occupation in Karnataka. They heavily depend on the Southwest monsoon since the extent of arid land. According to the 2001 census, farmers and agricultural laborers, formed 56% of the workforce of Karnataka.

According to the census in India 35 billion silk industry is headquartered in Karnataka state particular in Mysore and North Bangalore regions.

In Education also Karnataka is leading a large number of professionals educated in Karnataka can be seen all over the world.These developments are set to contribute significantly to Karnataka’s economy by creating jobs, expanding educational opportunities, and spurring infrastructure development.
Karnataka has a very large network of industries. The state has many sugar factories in North region and also edible oil processing units.
Karnataka is also leading in an improvement of health and nutrition. Only 21.4% get married before the age of 18years as compared to 26.8% in the rest of India. 1.8 total fertility rate as compared to 2.2 in India.

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