Learning from Failure

Akash bhattacharya

There need be no permanent failure. Every reverse and every set back can be turned into a building stone for a solid foundation of success. Failures teaches us to be tolerant. It teaches us to be persistent. There is a great lesson in every failure, even though we may not, for the time being, know what it is.

I sometimes think that failure is nature’s tempering process through which she prepares men of destiny for their responsibilities. If you can survive repeated failures instead of going down before them it is strong evidence that you will rise to the heights in your chosen life work.
Don’t despise failures – thank god for the privilege of testing yourself under their weight!

Lastly remember that the way of success is the way of struggle. If the thing you acquired or the position you attained came without struggle, you may be sure it will not be permanent. Remember the oak tree and the gourd. One grew in a decade, the other in a season.


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