Like attracts like!

Akash bhattacharya

Speak a good word of a man and sooner or later he will retaliate in kind. If you understand how the human mind works you can get anyone to do practically anything that you have the right to ask him to do by first rendering that person some favor of an appropriate nature corresponding to the one you seek.

We know an advertising man who earns $25,000 a year. He admits that most of his ideas and all of his inspiration come from a man who earns but two thousand a year.
Not to understand and apply this law of mind is to deprive yourself of one of the greatest forces with which you could ally yourself. You can actually utilize to advantage the energy in the minds of those with whom you come into contact providing you make the right move and make it first!


Many a man goes through life with a sort of unseen, but very much felt, “kick me hard” sign hanging on his back, for the reason that he is unconsciously and perhaps unintentionally irritating other people and causing them to strike back at him.


Fortunate is the man who has a few enemies, providing he has the intelligence to use their eyes and see himself as they see him. The eye sight of an enemy may be and usually is somewhat warped, but if you listen learn something that will help you improve yourself.


The law of retaliation is very real!

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