Sahana Sriram

After facing several attacks by the terrorists and other attacks Mumbai was actually ready to face anything that would come their way. But they were not prepared to face the crash that happened on Friday. In the first stampede that happened in Mumbai, 22 people were crushed to death and nearly 35 were injured on the narrow, crowded Elphinstone Road Parel station foot over bridge. No other stampede that has occurred so far has taken so many lives.  Many people had moved there to take shelter as there was a heavy rain outside. Once the rain stopped, people started moving and there started a huge crowd which led to the crushing. There started rumours of the bridge collapsing and there was a majestic push towards the exit which made the chaos. An eyewitness claimed two theories: one was the fear of the under-construction roof falling while the other was a spark that went off to the bridge which made a computer to slip and accidentally resulting in the toppling of people one over the other.

Those who were injured were rushed to the Parel’s KEM Hospital. In the hospital, it was informed that 20 people had died on the spot while two people died after being admitted to the hospital. Of the 22 people who were dead, 8 were women and it also included an 11-year-old kid. 39 people were injured and the injury mainly consisted of fractures and respiratory issues. Railway Minister Piyush Goyal was on his way to Mumbai when the disaster occurred.  He ordered an inquiry to find out the reason for the tragedy.

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