The National Anti-Doping Agency’s move of bring the domestic cricketers under the jurisdiction of doping test has been fully rejected by Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI). BCCI later contended that, since BCCI is not National Sports Federation body, NADA does not have the right to conduct dope tests on its players.
Rahul Johri’s the Board’s CEO wrote to NADA Chief Navin Agrawal that “Since BCCI is not National Sports Federation body, NADA does not have the rights to conduct doping test on any of its international as well as Domestic players which come under its aegis. As said earlier, there is not such any requirement for official of BCCI to co-operate with NADA for conducting dope tests during international or domestic events.”
Further, senior official of BCCI said that “We follow the rules set by International Cricket Council (ICC) and which is a compliant of WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency) and we also have system placed for anti-doping”. The board also was giving a response to Union Ministry for Sports which was claiming that not following NADA’s rules would be like inviting sanction from WADA.
The Board’s reply in its response was “For testing and analysis of the samples of cricketers, BCCI is binded to WADA’s International Standard of Laboratories and International Standards for Testing and Investigations. Accordingly, BCCI is also engaged with agency of expert sample collection which is adhered to ICC for providing sample collection via IDTM (Intenational Doping Tests and Management). The rules set by WADA.

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