Nokia 8 Copper Gold model leaked

Ahead of its London announcement on August 16, 2017, the upcoming
Nokia 8 has purportedly been seen ‘in the flesh’ thanks to some leaked
photos from Slashleaks user “leak spinner”.

These are the first real-world photos we’ve seen of the handset, as
we’ve previously only seen leaked renders of the device.  With less
than a month left before its expected unveiling, the Nokia 8 leaks out
again, this time in a somewhat never before seen the copper-gold sheen.

We’ve already seen the Nokia 8 clothed in gold, thought it was noted
how that gold was a bit gaudy compared to other gold colors in the
market. It, in fact, looked more like orange gold. That, however, has
nothing on this new leak.
As per the source of these new batch of images, the color depicted in
these images are not truly representative of the actual color and
The copper-gold color is shinier than what shows in images.
One can also notice Zeiss branding missing from the Camera module
which shows we are looking at a Nokia 8 prototype. The device has also
been shown to boot up in other two images.

Nokia 8 is deemed to be the affordable flagship that will go against
likes of OnePlus 5 and other so-called flagship killers. It will be
powered by Snapdragon 835 and will also feature Dual-Lens Zeiss camera
but will be priced around USD 549/599.

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