Nvidia Collaborates With Uber, Volkswagen On Driverless Cars

By:- Iswar Dey

Nvidia Corp is partnering with ride hailing service Uber and Volkswagen AG in the field of self driven cars, to expand its artificial intelligence technology platforms.

The company, which has partnerships with car producer Tesla and China’s internet giant Baidu, makes computer graphics chips and wants to expand on self driving cars.

Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang declared in Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas on Sunday that Uber was using their graphics chips for computing artificial intelligence and make split second decisions while driving on road.

Uber has been using Nvidia’s GPU computing technology since its first test fleet of Volvo SC90 SUVs were deployed in Pittsburg and Phoenix. However its service received a jolt after a lawsuit was filed by its rival Waymo for trade secret theft.

Volkswagen is going to use Nvidia Drive IX in its next fleet of cars. This AI will act like an “intelligent co-pilot” and will assist the car driver.

It will also incorporate features inside the car like- face recognition unlocking system, gesture controls and voice assisting similar to Amazon’s Alexa for example.

Volkswagen will introduce all these in its next concept I.D Buzz vehicle, a retro styled microbus.
Nvidia also announced its collaboration with Baidu and German car parts maker ZF for a “fully driverless car” project in China. It would be using Nvidia Drive Xavier, Baidu’s autonomous software system called Apollo point and sensors and cameras from ZF. Nvidia Drive Xavier is a chip and software system that allows fully autonomous driving. The system on a chip delivers 30 trillion operations per second using 30 watts of power.

Nvidia will also collaborate with Silicon Valley startup, Aurora, co founded by the former head of Google’s autonomous program, Chris Urmson- to build a new hardware platform using Xavier processor.

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