Orkut To Return To India With “Hello” Avatar

By:- Iswar Dey

Orkut Buyukkokten, the founder of Orkut.com, one of the earliest social media platforms, has decided to enter India again with his releasing a new social median network “Hello” in the next two months. Hello was already being operated in Beta (prerelease) version in India for quite some time. “We want to launch the full version in a non-judgemental platform”, Mr. Buyukkokten said. 

He also said that India is a land of togetherness and people here like to connect with those having common interests. Hello serves the same purpose of grouping people with common likings. It offers a window for broadcasting contents, privately messaging and anonymously commenting on discussion threads.

Orkut.com came in existence in 2004 when Buyukkokten, the-then member of Google, started it as an independent project. It had shut down its social networking site in 2014. Orkut, at its peak, gathered around 300 million online users. The leading social networking platform, Facebook, which was also founded in 2004, now has more than 2 billion monthly active users. 

Analumnus of Stanford University, Buyukkokten said, “I see Orkut.com as the start of a wonderful journey…..I see Hello as a continuation of this journey.”,

He alongwith few ex-Google engineers, had created Hello in 2016. It is currently operating in 12 countries including Canada, New Zealand and Brazil, and is available for Android and iOS supported devices. It has uprised to a team of 20 members, backed by a group of investors. 

According to Buyukkokten, Hello will bind people with common interests. It will have a feature ‘Personas’ where it will ask the user to choose five subjects he is having interest in, like cricket, dance forms, fashion enthusiast, etc. This data will be then processed and people with common likings will be suggested to connect where they will be allowed to chat and share their emotions and passions about the topic of common interest.

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