Prime Minister, Narendra Modi breaks his silence for cow vigilantes

Author:- Vidhya Anbu Durai.
Prime Minister severely condemns the slaughtering of cows in India and he says that the people are disguising themselves as the cow protectors in the name of gau rakhshks [cow protectors].  It is said that people involved as cow protectors would be indulging in anti-social elements and portraying themselves as the safeguards of the animal.  These people must be sentenced to prison by dossier, said Modi in his first town hall meeting.  He addressed the gathering on Saturday stating that 85 per cent of the people from the cow protectors will be a part of the illegal activities.  

“It makes me angry that people are running shops in the name of cow protection… Some people indulge in anti-social activities at night, and in the day masquerade as cow protectors,” the Prime Minister said.  He also said that people from Gujarat and Uttar Pradesh are repeatedly requesting him to take necessary actions on the cow protector for assaulting four of their people.  

Prime Minister laments that plastic is one of the major and pivotal reason for the devastation of cows.  He said that it is not correct only to point our index finger towards the government, rather it is also the responsible of the folks of the country and state.  Most of the cows are dying because of consuming plastics laying all around the place that are not maintained neatly.  Through this cow vigilantes issue Modi has created a platform for him to announce the public about the avoidance of usage of plastics.  

“For good governance it is important that people responsible for tasks be held accountable… then there will be improvement.” he said.

It is not only the matter of cow slaughtering but it is also the issue of the diversity in which we all are dwelling.  The animal will one day become extinct when it is been killed for meat.  Also, the government must see to that they not only concentrate on demolishing cow slaughtering but they should also keep a track of the Indian culture of worshipping the cow as Goddess.  And the main thing is to catch hold of all the culprits who kill the animal only for their business and playing a pseudo role as a cow protector in front of the world and file a case on them.

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