Professional boxer Vijender Singh Beats Ghana’s Ernest Amuzu

By:- Hemant Gaur

Vijender Singh continued his fine form after he successfully defended his WBO Asia Pacific and WBO Oriental Super Middleweight championships after beating Ghana’s Ernest Amuzu with an unanimous verdict.

With this win, he registered his tenth consecutive win in his professional boxing career. The match saw Vijender look more offensive than his opponent. Initially, in the first three rounds, both were cautious to not throw away points. After the third round, Vijender started to gain some momentum with his clever usage of his long range. Amuzu was defending the whole match and hardly won any points in those rounds.

A confident Vijender then turned up with renewed vigour to unleash a flurry of punches on Amuzu. Two powerful jabs on Amuzu’s jawline must have hurt the African, but he retaliated with a hook aiming at Vijender’s head.

It was easy picking for Vijender thereafter as the Amuzu committed technical blunders by rushing to the corners. With Vijender having the upper hand, a tired Amuzu tried to stage a fightback but the Indian was up to the task, even as the duo exchanged a few punches.
Vijender played a percentage game during the final round when he had already suffered a muscle pull and didn’t attack a lot.

Prior to this bout, Amuzu had 23 wins under his belt including 21 knockouts out of 25 fights.
Vijender dictated the match right from the outset.

After a mellowed initial rounds, Vijender dealt some heavy blows to the Ghana national. Amuzu was unable to land any telling punches on Vijender and eventually, he lost out to the Indian champion.

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