• Sindhu Bharthi Anandan

The Notebook, written by Nicholas Sparks is one of the best- selling novels and had been adapted into a feature film starring Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams.

One will not be able to get the protagonists, Noah and Allie, out of their head. It is because of the strong characterization. The story is set in the 1940s, period of World War II to be precise. It’s a love story but not a usual one. The story revolves around Noah and Allie, how they fell in love, how it had affected their lives, whether they parted their ways or lived together happily ever.
Many of us might have wondered what love is and how it is like to be in a romantic relationship. This book had probably illustrated its readers all elements of true love. True love never fades away and if you truly love someone no force can stop you from living a life with your beloved.
Noah and Allie fell in love at the very instant they got acquainted with each other. It was a summer and they never failed to seize an opportunity to spend time with each other and in that process, they had got to know each other well. Their happiness was short lived. Allie had to return to her hometown and Noah had his duties calling him. Years passed and both of them could not stop thinking of each other. Both of them had been in relationships after that but they found no love in those. They were leading mundane lives.

Noah had returned to his hometown to renovate his own house that was an abode of memories of his dead father. Allie reads the article about his renovation work and suddenly shows up at Noah’s house during twilight. Noah goes to trancelike state on seeing Allie grown into a mature woman. They spend some quality time with each other and Allie informs him about her engagement with Lon, a successful lawyer. Noah is shattered on hearing this and vows to Allie that he still loves her and that he has always considered her his soul. Allie finds it hard to choose between Lon and Noah, for she loved both. Allie leaves his house and assures she will be back the next day. She comes to his home the following day and the downpour had made their meet beautiful than ever. She had always reminded herself how Noah had taught her to live happily and had always supported her artistic talent. Allie could not control her feelings for Noah and they spend the night together in each other’s arms. Allie’s mother suddenly turns up at Noah’s place knowing that Allie would be there and hands her a bunch of letters that Noah had written to her during their separation. Allie leaves Noah to confront Lon who has now known about her relationship. The story ends just like that leaving the readers perplexed.

The story now shifts to the 1990s where an elderly man is reading this story to his wife who is an Alzheimer’s patient. Who is this couple? What fate had planned for Allie and Noah? Millions of questions keep pouncing from our heart as we reach this particular part of a story. The answer to all these questions can be found by reading the second half of the book, probably without a break to feel the full essence of the story. Not all books would make us ponder about its plot all time but The Notebook does. It is hard to escape from the clutches of the author’s eloquent style of writing. He makes us envision even the minute details of the events and it is definitely a must-read book of all time.


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