Road to Success: Part 1

Akash bhattacharya

Did you ever wonder why success has been possible for some people and seems to elude others? This was the question that Napoleon Hill had in his early childhood and spent his life time why some are successful and millions are not in a manner that no one had ever done before.

So this article will provide you with valuable signboards on success. These signboards will tell you just what to do. There are fifteen of these signboards and if you will read and do what they tell, nothing can stop you from succeeding.

A Definite Aim in Life- Before another sun sets, you must decide what your definite aim in life is going to be. After you have decided you must write out your definite aim in clear, simple words. You must describe it so clearly that anyone would know what it is after reading your description of it.

Self Confidence- To be sure of success you must believe in yourself. You cannot believe in yourself unless others believe in you also, and you cannot get others believe in you unless you deserve it.

Initiative- means that you will do the thing that you ought to do without someone else telling you to do it or it is doing the right thing without being told.

Stay Tuned for Part 2…till then
Believe in your own ability to do big things. Only by having faith in yourself can compel others to have faith in you!

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