Road to Success: Part 2

Akash Bhattacharya —-

Treat yourself as a man of worth! Demand much of yourself. Be your own hardest taskmaster. For you the greatest thing is yourself. Use yourself right; think well of yourself; work hard for yourself.

Now here are the signboards on the Road to Success

Imagination– Every successful person must use imagination. When you use images you simply build new plans out of old ideas, very much as one might build a new house out of old brick so use your imagination and perhaps you will do something that will place your name among the immortals who have risen above mediocrity.

Enthusiasm– Everyone likes a person who is enthusiastic and cheerful. Enthusiasm makes your work seem lighter. It will make your hours seem shorter. Enthusiasm is “catching.” When one person gets it everyone around the person also gets it. No salesman could make a success selling goods without being enthusiastic about what he was selling.

Action– All down the road of life you will meet obstacles, many of them. Time after time failure will stare you in the face, but just remember this- that there is a great lesson in every obstacle you master and in every failure which you overcome. It is a part of Nature’s plan to place obstacles in your way. Every time you master one of these you become stronger and better prepared for the next one. Obstacles are nothing more or less than necessary hurdles which train you and make you fit for the great race of life!

Stay Tuned for Part 3…till then

Don’t pity yourself. Don’t lessen your own value in your own eyes. Have confidence in yourself!

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