Road to Success: Part 3

Akash Bhattacharya —-


In this editorial, Mr. Hill enumerates what he believes to be the greatest lessons he has learned from early childhood to the present.

He said “ I never won anything without hard labour and the exercise of my best judgement and careful planning and working long in advance. I had to train myself painfully and laboriously, not merely as regards my body, but as regards my soul and spirit
Here are three billboards from his personal inventory of thirty-six years of experience.

  • Self-Control– You can never become a great leader nor a person of influence in the cause of justice until you’ve developed great self-control. To develop self-control you must make liberal and systematic use of the Golden Rule philosophy, “ you must acquire the habit of forgiving those who annoy and arouse you to anger”
  • Accurate Thought– Your thoughts are servants of your will. You are the master in your own house, and you can uncertain whatever guests you please. Man moulds himself his thoughts as a sculptor moulds clay. Think success and you’ll be successful – if you only think it hard enough and steady enough and long enough.
  • Persistence– It is not the touch of genius, with which some men are supposed to be gifted, which brings success! It is not good luck, pulls nor wealth! The real thing upon which most great fortunes were built—the thing which helps men and women rise to fame and high position in the world is easily described:
    “It is simply the habit of completing everything one begins, first having learned what to begin and what not to begin”.

Lastly remember that no matter if the world laughs at you, take your own self seriously. The mob laughs at what it does not understand, ridicules what it cannot comprehend. Too many men who have the fire of genius within never let it kindle into flame because they fear the laughter of the crowd. Forget what others think. The thing that matters is what you think of yourself, and that you believe in yourself.

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