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Sommyajit Saha

I bet at some point in your life you had to sell something, may be a product, an idea or yourself. Sometimes you may have succeeded and sometimes you may have not. What if I told you that you can have a master idea to sell and promise you that it would work every time. In this article I am going to tell you those ideas and hope you put in into practise the next time you sell something.

First, is PROMISE. Advertisers spend millions of dollars on advertisements and tell that if you cannot hook your target customers within those 5 initial seconds of an ad, they might not have even filmed that ad and spend their money somewhere else. For example movie trailers. Movie trailer are always the best part of a pre movie release because they set the tone for when they release the movie and make sure that they hook their audience totally to the movie via the trailer.

Next is the PICTURE. We buy with emotions and justify them with logic. Never explain people about the feature and how your product is better than the rest and so on. Play with the emotions of the person in front of you. Emotions sell. Paint a picture in the mind of the person whom you wish to sell that he/she is using your product. Remember the scene in the movie “The wolf of wall street” where Leonardo asks his friend to sell him a pen?

Next is PROOF. Show people, don’t tell them. We can brag about how great our product or service is, we can tell all we want but people always want the specifics, the examples and the stories when you have made that happen. Don’t just speak about your offering, show them examples when you have done it and succeeded.

Last is PITCH. Majority of people have the mind set of anyhow wanting to sell and focus entirely on that area. Do not do that. When we are overwhelmed of the decisions we don’t do anything. A single call to action is the best. Do not confuse your audience with many things to do. Make them perform only one action at the end of your sales pitch i.e. to want to buy your offering.

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