‘Sexual harassment awareness’ will be April in America: Trump

US President Donald Trump has declared ‘National Sexual Harassment Awareness and Prevention Month’ in April 2018. President Trump has taken this step at a time when there is a national debate on the issue in America and allegations of sexual misconduct have also been committed on the trump itself.

The White House said in a declaration issued by Trump, “It is tragic that crimes of sexual harassment are still occurring in our society and criminals often avoid accountability. These kind of heinous crimes are constantly being intimate, in public places and at workplaces.

It says, “Generally victims of harassment remain silent. It may be that the victims are afraid of retaliation by the accused or their trust is less in the justice system or there is trouble in recovering from such an experience.

“Our administration is committed to spread awareness about sexual harassment and empowering the victims to identify the accused so that the culprits can be held responsible,” the statement said.



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