Starting your own business

Sommyajit Saha

Growing up we all have heard someone or the other saying that they would like to start their own business/ be an entrepreneur but they just don’t seem to have the money to do it. Well, I personally have heard it many times and even I used to think that if there is no money then starting a business is not possible. But that thought of mine turned out to be untrue. The reality of the fact is that we can start a micro business with very little to no investment at all.
There are numerous impetus to starting a business like interest in being an entrepreneur, have less investment, wanting to follow you passion, not wanting to be dictated by others etc. Basically three things are needed to start a business- A product or service to sell; you target customer and a payment medium. There were times before when all these required a lot of investment in time and money but now with technological innovations it has become much easier. There is a link between you passion and what people want and leveraging on that link to sell you product and service is a very important mantra for success for a starter.
While designing our product or service we should always keep in mind how much value we are adding to our end customer’s life with our offering because that is what will influence the customer to buy or product or service. More value you add more money you’ll make and more money means more success. One more thing we should keep in mind is the benefit the customer will receive with the features of our offering. We should be able to maximize our benefit not feature if we want appreciation form our customers.
“There’s nothing wrong with staying small. You can do big things with a small team.”
—Jason Fried, 37signals founder

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