Steve Jobs and Apple

Sommyajit Saha

I will die soon and that helps me make big decisions quite easily, because when I think of death, all my fears disappear. These were the words of the most famous entrepreneur of this generation, Steve Jobs. He has reached that height of success that nobody else could even dream of. Steve Jobs is not only known for his Invention and business ideas but also very popular with motivational speeches.
Steve Jobs was born in 24th February, 1955, California. Steve Jobs was born when his mother was still in college and wasn’t married yet. This led to his birth mother deciding to put him up for adoption and a couple named Paul and Carla Jobs adopted him. Despite being from a middle class background, Jobs’ step parents decided to put him through the best of schools and never compromised on his education. In 1972, Jobs joined Read College for his further education. Due to the fees being very high, to help his family Jobs started selling cold drinks bottle to make up for his college fees. Despite all efforts Jobs could not fulfil his college fees and eventually dropped out of college and started investing time in his own business idea and prepared the Macintosh operating system while working in his friends garage. In the year 1976, he started Apple company and within few year his company turned into a multi-million dollar company. In spite of all the success Steve Jobs was thrown out of his own company after meeting with the board of directors because the popularity of Apple was going down and the company was going on debt.
After being thrown out of Apple, Jobs started Pixler and Next-ink which turned out to be a success as well. But during those times Apple was undergoing severe downfall and so the directors at Apple decided to call back Steve Jobs in the year 1996 as the CEO. After returning to Apple Jobs reduced the number of Apple products and focused primarily on 10 products as he believed in quality more than quantity.
Today Apple’s brand value is more than $145billion and enjoys a market value of more than $750billion.Steve Jobs passed away in the year 2011 due to Pancreatic cancer but his legend lives on.

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