What the most successful people do on the weekends?

Akash bhattacharya

This is a paradox of weekends: “You have to set an appointment to go off the work as surely as to go on it”
There are sixty hours between the moment you crack open a bottle of beer at 6:00 pm on Friday eve and the time the alarm goes off at 6:00 am on Monday morning. Sixty hours is a decently high percentage of a 168 hour-week. Even you are asleep for 24 hours of those hours that still leaves 36 hours for waking rejuvenation. That’s the equivalent of a full time job- and this is a helpful mindset to have.

How to plan a weekend?
Planning creates anticipation.
• What do you want to do more of with your time?
• Create a list of dreams and peg the items on the list to significant times at the weekend to tick them off e.g. Saturday night or Sunday daytime like this.
Six Tips for Planning Your Weekend-
1. Dig deep- just because you haven’t done something in years, doesn’t mean you can’t do it now.

2. Use the mornings- often this is wasted, use them!

3. Create traditions- e.g. Pancakes on Sunday Mornings

4. Schedule Downtime- e.g. Nap time at scheduled time

5. Make time to explore- travel around some now places by walk or bike

6. Plan something for Sunday Nights- use this valuable time as well.

7. Remember to plan the week ahead with jobs you have to do, and things you want to do.

Hope you have a productive weekend this time!

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