What the Most Successful People Do At Work

Akash bhattacharya

It’s a saying that “Successful people don’t do different things, they do things differently” and that’s what makes them different from being ordinary.

It’s not the tricks or tactics that makes them efficient but the disciplined approach they follow in life!

Here is a disciplined approach to live life like a successful person.

Discipline 1: Mind Your Hours
Time is a non-renewable source. You’re given a certain amount each day/week/month/year and it’s up to you how you decide to spend it.
Try keeping a time log. This will help you realize how long tasks take and evaluate whether you agree with this allocation of time.

Discipline 2: Plan
Dedicate planning time. This allows you to always have a time to plan.
Plan your immediate goals, long term goals and how you are going to achieve them.

Discipline 3: Make Success Possible
You’ll think of a hundred new people you want to meet. You’ll think of a hundred new ideas for growing your business. But, as counter intuitive as it sounds, resist the temptation to put all these wonderful ideas on the to-do list. Pace Yourself. Successful people tend to view their primary to-do lists a bit differently than others do. They aren’t just lists, they are more like contracts to them. Whatever is on the list will get done, often as a matter of personal pride.

Discipline 4: Practice
It is simply performing or working at something repeatedly to become proficient. Sportsman or musicians even though they spend time managing and marketing their businesses spend half their time practicing their profession just to get better and better.

PS-If you make certain choices in your work, if you develop certain disciplines and invest your time instead of squandering it, you can do more with the time you have. We shouldn’t boast about the number of hours we work as a commitment to a job. What matters is what you achieve in your time.

Happy Work..!


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