Tejas Express will come for Lucknow and Chandigarh

New Delhi : North Railway has decided to start 6 new trains. Delhi to Chandigarh and Lucknow, Tejas Express will work and Delhi to Allahabad and Jammuwati to Siyaldeh, Hamsafar Train will operate. Between Delhi to Darbngha and Firozpur to Bilaspur, Antyodya Express will work.
The date of new trains has not yet stated but from November 1 these trains will be included in the schedule. There is hope of train working in coming days.
Chandigarh Tejas Express (22425/22426) : Between New Delhi to Chandigarh Tejas Express will work except Wednesday.It will work on all 6 days. It will leave New Delhi at 9.30 am in morning and reach Chandigarh at 12.25 pm.
Lucknow Tejas Express (12585/12586) : Between Anand Vihar Terminal to Lucknow, Tejas Express will work on 6 days except Wednesday. It will Anand Vihar Terminal at 3.50pm and will reach Lucknow 10.05pm.
Allahabad Hamsafar Express : Anand Vihar Terminal to Allahabad, Hamsafar Express will work 3 days in a week. It will at 10.20 pm from Anand Vihar and will reach Allahabad at 6.10 am.
Jammuwati – Siyaldeh Hamsafar Express (22317/22318) : This train will leave from Jammuwati at every Wednesday at 7.20 am and will reach next day at 5.45 am.

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