The King of Pop

Sommyajit Saha

Well, the first name that comes in my mind when I hear the words “King of Pop” is Michael Joseph Jackson, popularly known as Michael Jackson. He is not amongst us right now but he still resides in the hearts of millions. It crazy to think that years after his death he was still the highest earning celebrity in the world according to Forbes’ list.
In his long career Michael Jackson had won 13 Grammy awards and 26 American Music awards. Apart from this he also has 39 Guinness world records to his name. He was so popular that after the news circulating his death came forward, in 10minutes the news was searched more than a million times, so much so that the Google’s engine crashed due to heavy traffic. Michael Jackson was born in an ordinary family just like you and me but his life lesson is an inspiration to millions even today.
He was born in 29thaugust 1958, Gary, United States. His father Joseph Walter Jackson was a guitarist in a small band apart from working in a steel company in the US. His mother was very fond of music and so since early childhood she inspired her children to learn and play music. In The year 1964 when he was 5years old, he joined a band named Jackson Brothers created by his elder brothers. For a few years he along with his brothers performed in several clubs around the states. In 1968, Michael Brothers signed a contract with Motown records and moved to Los Angeles where their first album The Jackson5 was released. Later the following year ABC was released which turned out to be a massive hit. This was the beginning of the stardom of Michael Jackson. He then began releasing his solo albums. His biggest fame came with the album Thriller in the year 1982, which a, one won him 7 Grammy and 8 American Music award. It became the bestselling album of all time, selling nearly 65million copies. It was no looking back and since then he had won numerous awards for his albums.
He was married twice and also had 2kids with his second wife. Unfortunately, his second marriage also did not work. With huge success he also went through very tough times. He tried to change his look and performed several plastic surgery procedures. During his final stages Michael announced in March, 2009 that he will perform 10times at the O2 Arena in London and told that was to be his last. But sadly in 25th June that year he died in his house due to a heart problem.
Michael Jackson left us that year, but he still lives in the hearts of millions of fans around the world. In his 50years he has proved that if you follow your passion then nothing is impossible

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