The Wonderful Gesture

Somyajit Saha –

Ever since the Doklam stands off earlier this year, the relation between the Indian troops and the Chinese troops along the Line of Actual Control has not been friendly. Frequent physical exchanges and encroaching each other’sterritory has been quite common. But the recent event at the Nathu La area which took place just a few days ago might change the way we look at the enmity between these two nations

Nirmala Sitharaman, the defence minister of India on Saturday visited the Nathu La are on the India-China border and shared greeting with the Chinese troops. While her visit and interaction with the Indian troops in the area, the Chinese troops were seen taking photos of her. In reply, Nirmala Sitharaman greeted them with a “Namastey” to which they responded with a “Ni Hao”. After that, the two sides engaged in long talks and videos of Chinese troops explaining the meaning of “Ni Hao” to our defence minister were seen.

Yes, we have to be on guard against China but this incident may not change our impression of the Chinese troops but in some way may balance out the differences. This is seen as a warm gesture by both parties towards the possibility of maintaining peace along the border which will benefit both countries. This wonderful gesture was welcomed by China and the Chinese think-tank hopes that this gesture is also appreciated by the Indians and the Chinese media also mentioned that Nirmala Sitharaman’s charm might help break the ice between the opinions of the two nations.

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