Therapies That Affects the Journey Called “LIFE”

Akash bhattacharya —

The purpose of our magnificent life is not to live normally; there are wonderful treasures that only you can create. You have to make your destiny yourself and dream is the first step towards that so here’s few Learning Therapies that will help you to live the journey called life.

  • You may have made careful plans and scheduled everything to perfection, but it all comes crashing down. Things do not go the way you want and that makes things chaotic. But remember, this is temporary so flow with it as best as you can and don’t let the instability bother you!
  • Friendship is one of the life’s greatest gift. We get to choose whom we are friends with. A friend is a gift you give yourself so value it, you’ll witness the life’s greatest miracle.
  • At times you get to experience the toughest days of life. But then who says life’s easy. Life is made up of sad and happy moments. Up’s and Downs are part of it and that’s what makes life beautiful. We experience, we learn and then have to move on which is the best available choice.
  • You’ll find all kinds of wonders in the world, even the most unexpected ones. Go and explore the world. And yes, it’s applicable in all aspects of life.
  • When the comfort zone ends, a new life starts…so try it…Go beyond your comfort zone that will be a life-changing moment!!
  • Love the mornings, they always have something to look forward; the new hopes, new lessons for life!
  • Every difficulty brings something to learn from it and makes you learn some more lessons of life.


At last,

Keep in mind the dream you dreamt,
Let the fate and destiny do what they meant,
Learn as much as you can,
Fail as early as you can.
When fear and failure drive you insane.
Rise, fight and learn from them then,
But never ever make the same mistake again…

Our existence offers us unique opportunities to live life in a spectacular way! Come, Come! In the world of your dreams, your dreams are waiting for you, realize them with the full potential.

Go and Grab it!!

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