Time Management

Sommyajit Saha

What if I say you have to eat a butterfly daily if you wish to live? Now that it has become a compulsion for you the only thing you have to decide is at what time of the day you would eat it. As far as my suggestion is concerned you should do it early in the morning just after you wake up. What that does is, it relieves your tension and allows you to focus your energy on other productive works for the rest of the day.
In this context, the butterfly refers to your most important work and day. The reason you should be doing your most important task as early as possible is because your will power is the strongest right after you wake up. In this point of time your efficiency will be at its peak. You must have noticed that when you complete an important task you tend to feel very relaxed. The reason for this being at that moment you brain releases a substance called endorphin that puts you in a naturally high position and thus you feel relaxed. Time management is a vital part of being successful.
Setting a time-table, planning every day in advance, setting tasks priority according to importance of the tasks are some of the important principles of achieving perfect time management goals which eventually leads of completion of you goals in an efficient manner.
As they say, time is money. Therefore achieving the right tasks at the right time is very essential if you want to be a successful individual and for that proper time management should be of the utmost priority.

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