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dead heat spawning animals માટે છબી પરિણામ

Deep heat may have spawned world’s deadliest tsunamis-According to the May 26th edition of Science, chemical transformations in minerals deep beneath the seafloor could explain why Indonesia’s 2004 mega earthquake was unexpectedly destructive.

Aurora in Australia-Aurora Australis hit Australia and New Zealand, and stargazers were treated to a spectacular show as the Southern Lights swept across Australia and New Zealand. The Aurora Australis is caused by solar wind- a stream of charged particles escaping the Sun- interacting with Earth’s magnetic field and atmosphere. The Aurora Australis and its northern counterpart, the Aurora Borealis, are the most visible near the Earth’s poles.

Juno spacecraft reveals a complex Jupiter-NASA’s Juno spacecraft swooped within 5000 kilometres of Jupiter’s cloud tops on August 27, 2016, giving scientists their first intimate juno aircraft revealing jupiter માટે છબી પરિણામlook at the gas giant. The data are revealing surprising details about Jupiter’s gravity, powerful magnetic field and ammonia-rich weather system. The findings, which appear in two studies in the May 26thScience, suggest researches may not only revamp their views of Jupiter but also their ideas about how planetary systems from and evolve.

Barrier reef suffers huge coral loss- According to officials, Australia’s Great Barriebarrier reefs coral loss માટે છબી પરિણામr Reef has lost nearly a third of its corals in the past year. Surveys show that 29% of corals died in 2016, greater than the figure of 22% projected in mid-2016. Researchers say that climate change is a significant driver behind the coral loss and experts have said the window is closing fast to cut the greenhouse gas emissions pushing up temperatures and harming the reef.


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