Uber Re-Launches Its Auto Rickshaw Service In India

By:- Iswar Dey

The US based company Uber, is going to re-launch its auto rickshaw service in India very soon, after a gap of almost two years since March 2016, when it stopped operating.

Uber will be having an “Auto” option in its app later this month. The service is going to be made available in two Indian cities of Bengaluru and Pune. Last time it had operated in New Delhi, Coimbatore, Indore and Bhubaneshwar.

It will have to face strong competition from domestic firm Ola, which also gives an offering of auto rickshaw services since 2014, when it started operating in Bengaluru and Chennai.

Ola currently operates its auto rickshaw service across 73 cities with 1.2 lakh auto rickshaws associated with it.

An Uber spokesperson mentioned that the company had paused as it wanted to study “how this part of communication develops in India.” He also said that auto rickshaws are omnipresent in India.

They wanted to extend their “Auto” transportation service to their customers starting with Bengaluru and Pune. This is how they expand their business by expanding their new product in the current market, here India.

Uber auto rickshaws will include all the safety features offered by its popular service of cab rides and customers will be able to pay through cash, Paytm or credit/debit cards.

The spokesperson also added, “Uber will only alow on-board licensed existing auto drivers who have been screened and attributed by the authorities and they need to submit valid documents and Identity cards before they become auto drivers for Uber.”

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