Akash bhattacharya

Exercising by 6 am is a common trend. If it has to happen, then it has to happen first. If you leave the important tasks until the end of the day they’re unlikely to get done. Willpower is like a muscle, if it is overused it will run out of effectiveness. All activities during the day require will power and so stuff done in the morning is normally productive.

But like a muscle, it can be strengthened. Getting things down to routines is a difficult task first but in the long run it conserves will power. Once things becomes habitual, they operate as automatic processes, which then consumes less will power so here’s the recipe to “How to Make Over Your Mornings”

1) Track your time- Keep a record to find where in the day you’re wasting time so you can make changes.
2) Picture the perfect morning- Ask yourself what a perfect morning looks like so you know what to aim for the day.
3) Think through the logistics- Work out the timing of activities, what time you have to be up and go to sleep.
Give yourself time for tasks.
4) Build the habit- Turning a desire into a ritual requires a lot of initial will power so start small and don’t try to do everything at once.
5) Turn up as necessary- Life changes so should be rituals. Let it happen and adapt!
As you look forward to something good that is about to happen, you experience some kind of a joy! It’s just because of the effort you’ve put on.

P.S- I am sending you a nice warm hug from my heart full of love just to brighten up your day…💞
Good Luck!


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